Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Snow time

For the last few days it has been raining in Sarajevo and the river has been a little higher. Well today it is snowing. We had a light snow a month or so ago, but this time it looks a bit more serious and they say it will continue to snow for a couple of days. Apart from a short break in the UK over Christmas, this will be my first winter in Sarajevo


Today I am celebrating my Birthday in the fourth different country in my short lifetime. I have mostly celebrated them in either the UK or the USA. The previous 3 times have been in Slovenia and for the first time I am celebrating it in Bosnia. It is snowing out there so I am having a white Birthday 2 weeks before Christmas. Tomorrow I get to go to a carol service which I have not been to for a few years now so it should be fun and in just over a week I fly to the UK to spend the holidays with my sister and family. I am just 1 year away from a milestone and must say I have an interesting and enjoyable life.