Monday, October 28, 2013

The visit

So a little time as gone by but I now want to fill you in on the visit of my friend Uranta Tom Kane. We have known each other for probably 20 years but have not seen each other for about 3 years maybe 4. It turns out he was at a conference in Ljubljana, Slovenia and decided to come and visit Sarajevo. He wanted to come by train but had no idea what this might entail. After a missed connection and delayed trains he arrived early evening and after a short walk back to my place from the station, we ate cheese pie and talk until late.
An early morning run started the day and then we drove with friends to Banja Luka for the day and as it turned out arrived back in Sarajevo in the early hours of the morning. Another early morning run then up into the hills for the day and to have lunch at Ecofutura, the Eco village where I used to work. In the evening we experienced traditional food and drinks in the old part of the city.
Sunday was a day of sight seeing and I tried to show him as much as I could and in the evening pizza with another friend.
I happened that he had a flight back to Edinborough from Dubrovnik in Croatia on Tuesday morning and we had to figure out how to get him there. The answer was for him to get an afternoon bus to Mostar stay there overnight and then an early morning bus to Dubrovnik. So after a last coffee at the train station he was off to the bus and his all too short visit was over. However he was more than impressed with Sarajevo and indeed the Balkans in all, that he will be back again soon I think.

Wednesday, October 09, 2013

I'm back :)

Ok so I did say I would try to post more often but time went by so fast.
During the summer I was playing tennis on weekends with an old friend of mine, it was nice cross training and I think it helped my running. This summer was not as hot as the last one, though there were a few hot days in there.
In September I had a short bout of food poisoning which was followed by the flu and this all happened, just as I was about to travel to Zagreb to give a talk. I did travel and the talk was interesting, as my voice got a little strange from the flu.
I spent a few days in Ljubljana where I met with my publisher and hopefully my book will be out soon.
Tomorrow an old Scottish friend of mine will be visiting me in Sarajevo for a few days. He was at a conference in Ljubljana and decided to take the opportunity to come. We have not seen each other for maybe 4 years so there will be a lot of catching up to do.
OK that's it for now, will try to keep my promise and post more often.