Sunday, February 02, 2014

Another catch up

So as usual I spent Christmas and New Year in the UK with my sister and other family. The weather was quite mild, but there was quite a lot of rain. My brother in-law had an accident a few weeks before I went over there. He tore the quadricep muscle on his right leg so he was home the whole time which is quite often not the case at that time of the year. It's always nice to be with family at Christmas.
I had a flight  on January 7 back to Sarajevo via Vienna. However that flight was late arriving and I missed my connection along with 3 other people on the flight from London. We were booked on the evening flight which left on time. But when we arrived in Sarajevo we could not land because of fog and returned to Vienna. I spent the night in the same hotel I stayed in on September 10 2001 before catching a flight to New York on September 11. The next day I caught a now full plane and arrived in Sarajevo.