Thursday, January 31, 2013

Poems came

Yesterday while I was listening to some music I started to get some poems , this happens to me from time to time they just come in ones, two's and threes, but these just kept coming and over about a 3 hour period I had 21 poems. Then they just stopped. It is the most poems I have received in one session and I have decided to title the series One Day. So over the next 3 weeks I will post 1 poem each day. Here is the first.

Rain runs
down the window
Rain drips
on the tin

Rain stays
outside of the weather

Rain no
you are not
getting in!

By the way I am dedicating this series One Day to my Father.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

England and back part 2

So I took a day or so to recover from my trip and to adjust to the warmer rainy conditions, going for my regular run helped.
Then it was Christmas shopping. I also got a power cord for my laptop that was compatible for the UK. I went with my nephew and we stopped in to see one of his friends and we decided that we would all go to see the Hobbit film on the weekend. On Sunday we went and I enjoyed it, oh and yeah I got to watch a lot of football over the weekend.
Christmas was the usual family gathering, though it was slightly delayed since my brother in-law had to work, but he did manage to get away so that we could all open our presents together.
It seemed like it was going to rain everyday I was in the UK, but at least it wasn't as cold as in Sarajevo.

Wednesday, January 09, 2013

To England and back part 1

So on December 19 2012 I, for the first time in a while, took a flight on a major airline to the UK. My flight from Sarajevo on Austrian airlines to Vienna was a little late leaving but arrived on time, the connecting flight to London was also a little late leaving, but we were told we should arrive on time. We were about 20 minutes late because when we got there we were put in a holding pattern. I managed to quickly get an Underground train to Euston Station and as luck would have it got a ticket for a train to Stafford leaving in 15 minutes. I got to my sister's house at around 11pm, I had left my flat in Sarajevo at around 1pm ( 12 noon UK time ) so I had gone door to door in 11hours, which I was quite happy with.