Thursday, December 12, 2013

Birthday poem

On December 1st I got and wrote down a poem that was obviously meant for my birthday here it is ;

I can't believe
I'm sixty
I once was
a wee boy

I played
in streets
in Gornal
a football
was my toy

Though age we count
in numbers
it's just a state
of mind

By keeping myself active
the years have been so kind.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

I am 60

The date today is 11-12-13 and it is also my 60th Birthday. Friends from around the world started sending me Birthday wishes late last night as it was already December 11 in their part of the world. When I went out for my run this morning it was -2C and yes it kinda felt cold, but I wasn't feeling old. I have been very lucky that there was blue sky and sunshine for all of the day. I even chatted with one of my cousins in Australia and as my niece said this morning 60 on 11-12-13 will be most memorable :)

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

New opportunity's

Last week I discovered there was a new smoothie and coffee bar in the city. I went to check it on Monday and it turns out it was the first day open, I went again on Friday and met one of the owners Mike.It seems that he and his wife run a yoga center in Sarajevo and after a few minutes of conversation he asked me if I would be interested in teaching meditation there. So it looks like 2014 has new things for me. Yesterday I went in to see how things are going and and met Mike's wife Ajda and there new baby girl. Turns out she lived in New York for 2 years and left around the same time as me and we also discovered in conversation, that she and Mike came to a talk I gave in Sarajevo 2 years ago go figure :)

Monday, December 02, 2013

Back in Sarajevo

When I left Sarajevo it was quite warm and when I arrived in Ljubljana it was quite rainy and Sarajevo got cold and snowed.
I arrived in Ljubljana just after 6am, the bus trip had been uneventful. After a little nap and a run I went into the city and in the evening had dinner, Mexican food with a couple of friends. The weekend was basically a mix of light and heavy rain on Saturday and Sun and light rain on Sunday, I did manage to have lunch with friends both days.
Monday was nice weather wise, I noticed it was warmer in Ljubljana than in Sarajevo. I gave a talk in the evening on Sport and Meditation at one of the Faculty's to a small group.
Tuesday I had coffee, organic Hot Chocolate and good conversation with my friend Nejc who I met in Sarajevo about a year ago.
Wednesday was a late lunch with 4 good friends at a new Vegan/ vegetarian place near the bus and train station. Then it was time to get my bus back to Sarajevo, by about a third of the way completed we saw snow on the ground and when I got Sarajevo just before 5am there was about 10 cm on the ground.
So I was gone just about a week and the weather had changed from temperatures in the 15 C range to below freezing.