Monday, December 02, 2013

Back in Sarajevo

When I left Sarajevo it was quite warm and when I arrived in Ljubljana it was quite rainy and Sarajevo got cold and snowed.
I arrived in Ljubljana just after 6am, the bus trip had been uneventful. After a little nap and a run I went into the city and in the evening had dinner, Mexican food with a couple of friends. The weekend was basically a mix of light and heavy rain on Saturday and Sun and light rain on Sunday, I did manage to have lunch with friends both days.
Monday was nice weather wise, I noticed it was warmer in Ljubljana than in Sarajevo. I gave a talk in the evening on Sport and Meditation at one of the Faculty's to a small group.
Tuesday I had coffee, organic Hot Chocolate and good conversation with my friend Nejc who I met in Sarajevo about a year ago.
Wednesday was a late lunch with 4 good friends at a new Vegan/ vegetarian place near the bus and train station. Then it was time to get my bus back to Sarajevo, by about a third of the way completed we saw snow on the ground and when I got Sarajevo just before 5am there was about 10 cm on the ground.
So I was gone just about a week and the weather had changed from temperatures in the 15 C range to below freezing.

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