Thursday, April 10, 2014


Well I just noticed that I last posted in February, so it's about time I guess. Spring is here and this past winter was uneventful, we didn't get that much snow in fact it was quite a dry one.
I have started giving meditation classes at a local yoga studio on Saturday mornings since the opening class when I had 20 attendee's, it has been a bit hit and miss, but I now seem to have 4 regular students and 2 more on the fringes. Hopefully the class will grow after all it's only been a few sessions over 2 months and people are now asking about it.
In March a friend and I from Sarajevo joined 2 other friends in running the Half Marathon in Nish, Serbia, with a time of 2:39 it was my slowest Half Marathon , outside of ultra's to date. However it was my first as a 60 year old so a personal record for that age group :) .
At the end of March, actually on March 30, 2 of us joined the Oneness Home Peace run in Trebinje. The small international team made it to Sarajevo on April 1, where we had meetings with one of the Presidents Zeljko Komsic at his party's headquarters and also the High Representative at his offices.
So far things are moving forward from winter to Spring.

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