Thursday, October 26, 2017

Hungary trip

So this past weekend I went to Hungary. I had been invited back in August to go and give some talks on mediation. It was a return trip after giving 5 talks in 8 days two years ago. I flew WizzAir from Sarajevo, it was cheap and the flight was short, just 45 minutes.
 Based in Budapest I traveled each day to a different place and returned each night. The first talk was in Szolnok, to about 60 people and went well. The next morning I ran a 2 mile race. Then breakfast with friends before visiting the Sri Chinmoy statue in a very special place just outside the city. Lunch made friends and desert at a nice vegan cake shop. The second talk was in Kecskemet in a 100 seat venue around 115 people came and it was a very nice talk.  It was a morning start for the drive to Miskolc where I met some old friends for lunch and an afternoon talk to about 20 people. We finished with a celebratory cake for the end of my mini tour. Returning through rain to Budapest which persisted through night and into the morning.
The next day was a holiday remembering the 1956 uprising.
My return flight was at 10 am and I was back home by 11. A great trip but short trip.



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